How to setup IPTV on Avov Box / Formuler?

This tutorial will guide you through the simple setup instruction for  Avov  Box/ Formuler .

IPTV  PLIX  service uses a free media controlled app called ‘TVOnline’.

TVOnline Setup Instructions:

1. From  the home  screen click ‘Market’.
2. Click ‘TvOnline’ app.
3. Install ‘TVOnline’ app.
4. Wait for the installation to finish.
6. Enter ‘Server name’ (for example ‘IPTV  SHOP ’)
and enter ‘Portal link’ (Check your activation e-mail).

7. Click ‘Connect’ to start watching.

Troubleshooting  Avov  Box/ Formuler

If you have any problems viewing the Channels please follow this recommended fix:

Restart your App,  Avov  Box/ Formuler , and Wi-Fi Router.

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